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GMP-Compounding: Patient-Specific Therapies: 

As a GMP-compliant compounder of cytostatica, parenteral products, and other infusions, Medios makes a key contribution to reliable patient care. Our process sets standards in quality, safety, and punctuality. 

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As a pharmaceutical compounder in accordance with Article 13 of the German Pharmaceutical Products Act (AMG).

Patient-specific therapies are a core component in the treatment of complex and chronic diseases. Because every individual application is precisely tailored to the demands of the individual patient, compounding these medicinal products is a particularly demanding task. It requires complex specialist knowledge, first-class technical equipment, and precise compounding to the highest quality and safety standards.

As a pharmaceutical compounder in accordance with Article 13 of the German Pharmaceutical Products Act (AMG), Medios has many years of experience in this field. At our facilities we compound ready-to-use patient-specific therapies from approved medicinal products in the latest cleanroom laboratories. We work strictly in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

We offer

  • Cytostatic preparations
  • Antibody solutions
  • Parenteral nutrition 
    (also for neonatology)
  • Antibiotics
  • Ophthalmic medication
  • Investigational medicinal products
  • Other parenteral products
  • Analgesics

Systematic Service

Our broad-based logistics and distribution system guarantees that our high-quality products get to the pharmacy quickly and safely. Our decentralized compounding and optimized utilization of plant capacities make our operations highly efficient in terms of time and expense. Our offering even includes patient-specific product blistering. We document all compounding steps as well as the entire supply chain for maximum transparency. 

With our digital order and billing portal* mediosconnect, we optimize cooperation with medical specialists, health insurers, and pharmacies. In addition, we advise on all pharmaceutical, logistics, commercial, and billing matters.

With our leading specialty pharma competence, we have also established ourselves as a key compounding partner for hospitals. We use our expertise to support and inform them on new products – from clinical trials through to marketability. We have a wide range of permits to compound both sterile and non-sterile investigational medicinal products. This enables us to compound both small batches and bulk deliveries equally.


Process Security

Reliability has the highest priority in the supply of pharmacotherapeutics.

We achieve this by working closely with medical specialists and pharmacists as partners throughout the process, and by applying the high quality and safety standards represented by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

From the prescription through to the use of patient-specific therapies, the entire process is designed to offer our partners maximized safety and efficiency. Specialized pharmacies check the prescriptions for plausibility, place orders with Medios, and deliver the final ready-to-use products to medical specialists. The extended plausibility check carried out by Medios provides additional security. From the request through compounding to provision – all the individual process steps are perfectly coordinated.

The Specialist Physician orders from the pharmacy.

The Pharmacy carries out a plausibility check of the prescription and places an order with Medios.

Medios carries out additional plausibility checks, manufactures the products in accordance with GMP guidelines and delivers them to the pharmacy.

The Pharmacy delivers to the specialist medical practices and invoices the health insurer.

The Specialist Physician administers the therapy.


Good Manufacturing Practice

GMP stands for systematic quality assurance by means of clearly defined requirements for quality assurance of production workflows and environments in pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

The main GMP criteria are

  • Documented use of ready-to-use medicinal products approved in Germany
  • Assured end-to-end traceability of all precursors
  • Highest standards of technical equipment
  • Self-inspections
  • Microbiological environmental monitoring of all compounding areas
  • Strict employee hygiene
  • Specially trained, qualified staff and continuous professional development
  • Segregation of responsibilities in the discrete functions of compounding, quality control, and approval
  • Regular official inspections

We confirm that in compliance with the GMP standards, the highest levels of quality and safety are guaranteed for our patient-specific pharmacotherapies. Qualified equipment, validated manufacturing processes, and our trained staff ensure accuracy, purity, and contents of the products.

Aims of Infusion Therapy

The main aim when reliably compounding high-quality patient-specific infusions for a wide range of different therapy areas is to provide tailored, effective, and well-tolerated medicinal products to everyone with a complex and severe disease. By making sure that every pharmacy in the region can offer medical specialists a supply of patient-specific therapies, we significantly enhance the quality of life for these patients.


Patient-specific therapies are tailored to the individual needs of each patient and are milestones in the ongoing development of individualized medicine.

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