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We ofter patients with diseases of the eye all types of ophthalmic medication, from ready-to-use medicinal products through patient-specific therapies based with IVOM formulations.

Patient-Specific Therapies Based with IVOM Formulations

Ophthalmology deals with diseases and disorders of the human eye. As our society ages, degenerative eye diseases are becoming more prevalent. The most common is age-related macular degeneration (AMD), in which the retina is damaged by a metabolic disorder. It can result in considerable distortion and loss of vision, through to almost complete blindness in the late stage. Around 10 to 20 percent of over 85-year-olds in Germany are affected by macular degeneration.

Other widespread diseases are cataracts and glaucoma. Cataracts are cloudy areas in the lens of the eye, which can cause blindness. Glaucoma can also lead to blindness because of damage to the optical nerve, mostly due to excess intraocular pressure. In most cases, these diseases can be effectively treated by preventive measures and early therapy. Modern ophthalmic medication can often slow the course of the disease and maintain the patient’s sight for longer.

Medios in the Field of Ophthalmology

As a specialty pharma supplier, Medios provides ophthalmologists and hospitals with the full range of products for this therapeutic area. Individualized medication for degenerative eye diseases is an important focus area. It includes ready-to-use medicinal products as well as the compounding of patient-specific therapies such as IVOM formulations for the treatment of macular degeneration. With macular degeneration in particular, it is vital that treatment starts as soon as possible after the diagnosis has been made. Our nationwide local supply by our large partnership network represents a decisive benefit for patients in this respect.

Please note: all the information provided here is only intended to provide a general overview of the therapeutic areas and some selected symptoms for which our patient-specific therapies are used. They are not intended to be exhaustive, nor are they a substitute for professional medical or pharmaceutical advice. Please ask your physician or pharmacist if you have any questions!

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