Specialty Pharma: 
The Heart of Medios 

We provide care with specialty pharmaceuticals and are making our special contribution to help shape the future of individualized medicine for all of us, because we are committed to "Enabling the most innovative tailored therapies for everybody."

Specialty pharmaceutical products are used for a wide range of diverse therapeutic areas. 

Advantages of Patient-Specific Therapies


Modern medicine is increasingly moving towards treating every patient individually and holistically. This means that pharmacotherapies and other medical treatments are more closely aligned with the specific course of the disease and the overall constitution of the patient concerned. Parameters such as sex, age, and weight can influence the composition and dosage of the medication. 

These specialized medicines, known as specialty pharmaceutical products, are used particularly for chronic and severe diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, and many others. They consist either of ready-to-use medicinal products or patient-specific therapies.

Quality on Prescription

Medios is an expert in the supply of specialty pharmaceuticals and an experienced compounder of patient-specific therapies. We work according to the highest quality and safety standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are a reliable partner for pharmacies, medical specialists, and pharmaceutical companies. 


There are six complex therapeutic areas in which specialty pharmaceutical products are used: 

In our modern cleanrooms we also compound parenteral nutrient solutions, pain therapy medications, and antibiotic solutions that are used in various areas of medicine. In addition, we compound investigational medicinal products for clinical trials according to strict requirements, to support the development of innovative therapies.

Here you can find more information about the different therapeutic areas and the role Medios plays in each to supply the required medicinal products.

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