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Hemophilia is a genetic disease in which blood clotting is impaired due to the lack of specific clotting factors. This causes increased bleeding in the event of injury and means that wounds take longer to heal. Depending on the severity of the disease, spontaneous bleeding is also possible. Bruises and hematomas from bumps and falls are common. Hemophilia covers various forms of blood clotting disorders. A distinction is made between hemophilia A, hemophilia B, and hemophilia C, depending on the clotting factor that is absent.

The disease is inherited via a recessive X chromosome and therefore mostly affects men, because they only have one X chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes; thus, if they have a second healthy X chromosome, they can be carriers of the disease without being affected by it themselves. Treatment concentrates on replacing the missing clotting factor by what are known as factor concentrates, without which any severe injury can quickly become life-threatening for hemophilia patients.

Medios in the Field of Hemophilia Therapy

Hemophilia requires complex management and perfect coordination between physicians, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical suppliers because every minute counts in an emergency. As experts for specialty pharma, the reliable supply of medicinal products for hemophilia patients is one of our main concerns. We supply general pharmacies and hospital pharmacies throughout Germany with all available factor concentrates.

Please note: all the information provided here is only intended to provide a general overview of the therapeutic areas and some selected symptoms for which our patient-specific therapies are used. They are not intended to be exhaustive, nor are they a substitute for professional medical or pharmaceutical advice. Please ask your physician or pharmacist if you have any questions!

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