Is Part of Our DNA

A passion for helping shape our world is firmly embedded in the Medios DNA. As a company that always looks to the future, we view health as a holistic core value and one that drives us in ways that go far beyond our business activities.

We take responsibility.


(Environmental, Social, Governance)

From the very beginning, sustainability and our responsibility as a business, employer, and supplier of medicinal products has had special importance for us. With this conviction as our foundation, Medios has committed itself to the principles of the UN Global Compact and developed its own sustainability strategy, covering a total of around 30 and over 60 measures in the areas of compliance, products and services, employees, the environment, and social responsibility. 

Our annual nonfinancial consolidated statement provides an overview of the goals set and progress toward their achievement. Our Sustainability Committee oversees the consistent implementation of related measures as well as ongoing development of the strategy.

From the Executive Board and Supervisory Board, through the Articles of Association, Code of Conduct, to Directors' Dealings, and more.

Sustainable Development Goals


The United Nations’ global Sustainable Development Goals – or SDGs – are centered around conducting business sustainably, using resources efficiently, and protecting the climate. Using the sub-targets of the Sustainable Development Goals as our basis, we have identified six SDGs to which we at Medios make a clear positive contribution or where we can tangibly reduce our negative impact.

Our SDGs 

Read more about the SDGs on the UN’s website.


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